One of the authors of each accepted paper is expected to register for the Workshop and present it. Workshop registrants should register for the main conference too. Authors of accepted papers should provide proof for their registration by the camera-ready deadline, otherwise their papers will not be included in the proceedings and presented at the Workshop.


  1. “Adaptive uncertain information fusion to enhance plan selection in BDI agent systems”, Sarah Calderwood, Kim Bauters, Weiru Liu and Jun Hong
  2. “AgentSpeak+: AgentSpeak with Probabilistic Planning”, Yingke Chen, Kim Bauters, Weiru Liu, Jun Hong, Kevin McAreavey, Llu´ısGodo and Carles Sierra
  3. “Instrumenting the Auditing of Business Process Logs”, AncaGoron, Ioan Alfred Letia
  4. “RecoMedic: Recommending Medical Literature through Argumentation”, Andrei Mocanu, Xiuyi Fan, Francesca Toni, Matthew Williams and Jiarong Chen
  5. “Smarter Electricity through Argumentation”, MenelaosMakriyiannis, Tudor Lung, Robert Craven, Francesca Toni and Jack Kelly
  6. “A hybrid computational vision technique for smoke detection in videos”, Douglas A. G. Vieira, Adriano L. Santos1, Hani C. Yehia1, Adriano C. Lisboa1, Carlos A. M Nascimento
  7. “Diversity Handling in Evolutionary Landscape”, Maumita Bhattacharya
  8. “Ant-Based System Analysis on the Traveler Salesman Problem Under Uncertain Dynamic Behaviour”, Gloria CeraselaCrişan, Elena Nechita, Vasile Palade